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// Being a Boss for the First Time//

Hi there, I had a new job these days and I have to say farewell to those old co-workers and bosses. And one thing is also to bid goodbye to my old working environment that I spent in almost 3 years. This time, I need to adjust to my new job, my new co-workers, supervisors, and to the new surroundings.  This is a very challenging job since I haven’t used to be a head of the department. I am a bit nervous. I need to learn everything from scratch just like a neophyte for this job position.

Even though I am a fast learner, but still this is a challenge for me. And sometimes I do make mistakes. What if the supervisor scolds me for having a mistake? I am afraid! I want to be a successful boss of the sales department. I know someday. I’m going to use to it and this experience will guide me in the right direction. However, this is really hard for the first time. Do you experience this kind of situation? That even though you are promoted to a higher position, still you get nervous?

I hope some of you can advise me. Perhaps, I have no self confidence right?

// My Sweating Underarm//

Hi! I am working in the production plant and oh my God, the place is so very hot, humid, and muggy.  The temperature is up to 25 degrees hotter inside the plant compared to the weather temperature outside.

Right now, I just worked 7 hours a day in the production plant. I am really sweating inside and my shirt is wet in my underarm. I want some advice to some people if what kind of deodorant is best to eliminate sweating underarm. I need an advice from people who are working in the plant which is very hot. Maybe, they have similar problems as me.

However, I wear an antiperspirant every day but the problem is still the same. Not only my underarm is sweating but all my body like my face, neck, arms, and my legs. Everywhere in my body is sweating.  I had read a magazine how the body cools down so I wear shorts, a comfortable shirt, and tanks. I also wear shirts in lighter shades, and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  I have always problem in my body as well as the environment and its worse every day. Need help! I will truly appreciate any advice out there.

// Online Shopping Is Fun//

Nowadays, I don’t go out for shopping anymore because I getitemson the internet. I acquireaffordablefootwearonline instead ofgetting it from severallocalstores. Internetbuyersfindmuchexceptionaloffersas well asdiscount ratesas comparedwithphysicalbuying.

If you want to get
shoesfor women, lots ofassortmentavailable atthe internet. Fromsneakers,up to stilettos and so forth. Igetassortedshoessuited for my preference. Withinseveralminutes, I canselect areliableonline storeand canbuy in instant. I do notneed toget out of my house when shopping because I can get myfashionablepair of shoes online and alsoshippedto my location.

Aside from shoes, I can also shop for cosmetic products, underwearas well as bags. I had also acquired gorgeousgift vouchersfrom on-linestoresalong withfree delivery. Shopping now is very for me. I can shop at the comfort of my home without traveling. Why not shop online as well? Select your shoes as well as your cosmetic products at affordable prices.

Be fashionable enough with online shopping because this is the hew trend today. Why go shopping outside and stress yourself? Shop online and feel the comfort!

// How To Set up Variations Of Shoelaces On Your Shoes?//

Whenyou’rebored ofusingsimilarshade of shoelaces on yourfavoredfootwear, you canmakeany kind ofvariationsif you want. You canusecouple ofvariousshades of shoelaces as well as you maylikewisemake use ofdifferentkinds of lacing techniquetomake your shoes desirable. In this way, you can easilycreate your shoeslook unique andtrendy. There are designs of laces such as star designsand also checkerboard that you can useto be able toproducedesigns of shoelaces on your footwearin caseyou’re still a newbie. But, there are as well lacing techniquesthat are simple tobuildlike double-sided lacing and alsodual lacing. Bothinclude crisscrossing laces in shoe eyelets. You needto utilizetwovariousshades for this lacing techniqueas well asproceduresin order toreach this type ofdesign. This write-upwillhelp you createdesigns of shoelaces on your preferredshoes.

The following are the directionson how toperform the dual lacing;

Get aseat and take a seat. Place yourfootwearin your lap andbe sure that the foot is pointing toward you. Keep end of the shoelace inside the first hole near thetoe. Then, fillthat on the tongue of the footwearinside the hole.

// How To Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes//

Is your pair of shoes stinky? It is very embarrassing to have stinky shoes. You cannot get off your feet because you are afraid you might get disappointed. Imagine, the room will have a foul odor when you take off your shoes? What a shame. Well, here is the solution on how to get rid of that stinky odor in your shoes.

Clean your shoes. Get clean water, powder soap, and an old toothbrush.  Place the shoes inside the basin and pour clean water. Sprinkle with powder soap and start brushing with an old toothbrush. Brush the shoes as gently as you can until all the dirt and mud are eradicated. Once it is already clean, rinse with water. Let it dry under the sun for at least one day.

Once the pair of shoes is dried, sprinkle the inner portion with a baking powder and let it stay overnight. The baking powder serves as deodorizer that can get rid of the remaining smell. In the morning, shine your shoes using a shoe polish and brush again to make it shiny.

Now, your pair of shoes is not stinky anymore. Be sure to clean and wash your shoes weekly so that it won’t be smelly anymore

// My Friend’s Birthday//

I attended a birthday party yesterday at my friend’s house. It is her 18th birthday. There are many visitors, young and old but most are teenagers. My friend is wearing an elegant gown and she wears her beautiful smile. The whole setting is elegant and beautiful. Maybe because she is the only daughter and she belongs to a first class family. I am lucky because I am one of the 18 candles. The motif is pink and all decorations are in pink and white. I am only 16 years old right now.

There are many programs and there is also an emcee that holds the program. There are also lots of foods in the table. You can eat all you can and many mouth watering desserts are on the table. Everything is set and well planned. I can see the happiness in the eyes of my best friend and maybe this is a feeling of being an 18-year old lady. I wish. I am also happy on my 18th birthday.

After the successful birthday party, we all posed for a picture taking and all of us look happy. Hmm I will upload our pictures in my Facebook account. I am very thankful because there is a social media in the Internet that I can share my happiness with like on Facebook. I am sure all my friends will see the pictures.

// My Homemade Spaghetti//

Do you love spaghetti? Well, if you love it, try my recipe and you will see how delicious is my homemade spaghetti. Know the secret? Well, I will share you. I am not greedy enough to keep my secret. I want to share my recipe with everybody.

Now, let’s start. Go shopping in the nearby supermarket. Look for these ingredients like special pasta 1 kilo, spaghetti sauce 2 kilos, tomato sauce 300 games., cheese, ground beef, hot dogs, meat loaf, garlic, onions, cooking oil, salt, oregano leaves, sausage, and all purpose cream.

Now, boil water for at least 15 minutes and sprinkle a little salt and a small amount of cooking oil. Place the special pasta and cook for another fifteen minutes. Once it is already firm, drain the pasta so that it will not overcook. In a clean frying pan, pour a small amount of cooking oil and sauté garlic and onions until golden brown. Add ground beef and stir until fully cooked. Once cooked, add the hot dog, sausage, and meat loaf. Then add spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce. Cook for another 10 minutes. Add all purpose cream and a little salt. To make the taste sweeter, add a condensed milk. Then pour the sauce to the cooked pasta. Garnish with oregano leaves and cheese. Serve hot.

// How To Clean Your Home//

Is your home need a little makeover? If yes, why not spend time to clean it the whole Saturday afternoon. I know everyone is busy during school days attending their children and going to the office for work.  However, spare some time to clean your home.

Start outside by cleaning the surroundings, then go inside of your home and sweep the floor. To add a shiny touch, apply a liquid floor wax. Scrub the floor to make it shinier. Visit the kitchen and make some make over as well. The kitchen is the center area of the home where it needs to be maintained regularly. Why? This is because we prepare our food in the kitchen. This place must be cleaned all time to avoid food contamination. However, the kitchen is most neglected part of the home.

To clean the sink, sprinkle a baking soda and squeeze a lemon. Then use a sponge to scrub and you will notice that your sink is clean as ever. This is an Eco-friendly kind of cleaning procedure since you used homemade cleaner. Remember, you don’t need to spend so much for the cleaning agent. Lots of natural cleaning agents for the home are very common and some are just growing in your garden, waiting to be picked.

// My Daughter’s First Day at School//

I have a cute lovely daughter. She is in kinder school. In fact this is her first day in school. She is very excited for this but I am more excited than her. Why? Simply because my cute little darling is now a big girl and ready to school. Everything is well prepared, right from her school uniform, new bag, notebooks, writing pad, 3 pieces pencils, an eraser, and a lot more. All school items are in her bag. In fact, she could not carry her bag alone. I need to accompany her in school for the first time. I carry her bag and stayed for several hours in school waiting for her in the school’s shed.

Being a mother of a first time school girl is challenging. You need to wake up early in the morning to prepare for her breakfast. You should assist her in taking a bath and dress as well. I made everything perfect for her first day of school. She had a snack in her bag and she doesn’t need to go to the school canteen to buy for a snack since everything is well prepared.

Have you experienced this kind of situation? If yes, then you understand my case. Being a mother is not easy.

// My Experience as a First Time Home Buyer//

Buying a new home right now is very tricky. Before jumping into the conclusion of getting a home for your family, this needs a thorough understanding of the whole process. The most important thing you should consider is your financial stability like your permanent job. You need also to pay your unpaid loan like car loan, credit cards, and a lot more. Having a good credit standing, can convince lending companies to approve your mortgage loan.

However, I bought a new home with the help of a trusted real estate agent. I find it easy to purchase since I follow all the instructions about buying a home for the first time. My real estate agent is very understanding and he is happy to help me until I achieved the closing cost.

Buying a home for the first time can make stressful. However, follow my technique of getting a reliable real estate agent so that everything is in control and you can get your desired home. I am now enjoying my life as a homeowner and not a renter anymore. I am very thankful for the people who help me in my journey of buying a home.

This is a great achievement for me. Cheers!

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